Caroline M. Haenggi-Nicholson



Selected public images

Caroline Haenggi 1974 at ART 5'74 - photo © Ruth Vögtlin, Zurich

Caroline wearing a Marimekko dress, in attendance at the Gallery 21 stand, ART 5'74 BASEL.

This photo was taken by Ruth Vögtlin, Zurich, and was displayed at the Art 6'75 on a press board covering previous fairs and its existence was only discovered then! In the background one can see part of a mosaic by Armando BALDINELLI and a sculpture by Zoltan BORBEREKI.

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Natalie Knight, Armando Baldinelli, Caroline Haenggi - 1974

Caroline with Natalie Knight and Armando Baldinelli at a cocktail party held in the Carlton Hotel, Johannesburg, in 1974.

The occasion was the presentation of the maquettes submitted by 6 artists for a sculpture competition won by Zoltan Borbereki, adjudicated by James Fitzsimmons, Editor of Art International, Switzerland, and Prof. Fabio Barraclough.

This image was published in "Communicat", Johannesburg, September 1974, p. 67


Caroline Haenggi and exhibits for "The Nude at 21" exhibition in 1983

Caroline amongst exhibits for "The Nude at 21" exhibition which opened at Gallery 21 Fox Street Johannesburg on 7th June, 1983

The image shows sculptures by Zoltan BORBEREKI and Bill HART, a.o.

 (ill. in The Star, Johannesburg - 22.7.83)

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Caroline H. and Stephen Ditshilwane discussing a painting by Fred Schimmel - Gallery 21, 1984

Caroline + Stephen Ditshilwane discussing a painting by Fred Schimmel on exhibition at Gallery 21, Johannesburg

(ill. in Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg - 31.5.84)

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