Fernand F. HAENGGI

initiator of the PELMAMA PERMANENT ART COLLECTION and the former PELMAMA ACADEMY SOWETO projects and well-known SA art dealer and collector

Some public images

Artlook Johannesburg - January, 1968, p. 3

NICRO Art Dealers' Fair, Johannesburg, 1973 - Joe Wolpe, Fernand F. Haenggi, Gia Lindstam, Mme FML Haenggi

Joe Wolpe, well-known Cape Town dealer, FFH, Gia Lindstam, Manageress of Gallery 101 and Mme FML Haenggi, sharing a joke at the NICRO Art Dealers' Fair, Johannesburg - August, 1973

James Fitzsimmons + FFH 1974

James Fitzsimmons, Editor of Art International, Sept. 1974

ill. in Communicat, Johannesburg - Sept. 1974, p. 67

Plans for 1974 and 1975

Article appeared in Communicat, Johannesburg - Nov. 1974, p. 63

FFH 1978 with tapestries by Albert Chr. Reck

In front of tapestries by Albert Chr. Reck 1978

Image taken by M Mbingo, Mbabane, on the occasion of an exhibition opening of tapestries by Albert Chr. Reck, held at Gallery 21 Fox St., Johannesburg, in May, 1978

1984 with Cecil Skotnes panel now at OAM

Photo session in 1984

 Image shows a panel by Cecil Skotnes commissioned in 1970 for the new gallery in the Hyde Park Shopping Centre, Sandton, and now part of the PELMAMA PERMANENT ART COLLECTION in Bloemfontein

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