South African and other art from a private family collection in Switzerland

Kunst aus Südafrika aus einer Auslandschweizer Sammlung



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Most works which were formerly part of this family collection, were over the years disposed of to private or public collections in South Africa or overseas. They have been kept on this site for further research and educational purposes, unless included on the PELMAMA site!



Walter BATTISS - John J. BLOM - Esias BOSCH - Roland BUGNON - Norman CATHERINE - Lynn CHADWICK - John CLARKE - Shirley CLOETE - Christo COETZEE - Ernst DE JONG - Adrian DE VILLIERS - John DRONSFIELD - Mslaba DUMILE-FENI - Guy DU TOIT - Cyril FRADAN - Arthur GOLDREICH - Simo HANNULA - George JAHOLKOWSKI - Karin JAROSZYNSKA - Tadeusz JAROSZYNSKI - Stanislaw KORS - Querubim LAPA - Ezrom LEGAE - Louis LE SUEUR - Maisie LIEBMAN - Busisiwe MAQUABELA - Judith MASON - Jorge MEALHA - Dirk MEERKOTTER - Tanya NETTLEY-RESEIGH - Fred PAGE - Walter PIACESI - Alexis PRELLER - António QUADROS - Albert Chr. RECK - Anne SASSOON - Ulrich SCHWANECKE - Paul SEKETE - Cyprian SHILAKOE - Lucky SIBIYA - Lucas SITHOLE - Cecil SKOTNES - Robert SLINGSBY - Louis STEYN - Giulio TAMBELLINI - Ernest ULLMANN - Maurice VAN ESSCHE - Herman VAN NAZARETH



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Some of the other works which were originally part of this private collection can now be seen under

or as a donation at the Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein since mid-2006

or on Youtube on this direct link



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